"For the past four years, Nick has been an excellent tutor and an admirable role model for our daughter Gabby. Nick created a learning atmosphere where our daughter felt relaxed and able to make mistakes while learning. Moreover, he helped develop critical study skills, improve her writing, and guide her through proper management of long-term projects. Overall, Nick is an excellent teacher with a personality fit for working with students. He is able to break down any concept into chunks they can digest fully. Gabby even would say how Nick taught her concepts better than her science and math teachers! Nick is highly recommended and any family would be glad to have him working with their children."


Toni, John, and Gabby Tenuta





Our family has had the pleasure of having Nick as a tutor for our sons. Nick engaged our boys from the beginning and had a great way of teaching them the skills they needed to know.  The boys actually looked forward to having Nick come to help them.  Nick is responsible, punctual and a great teacher.  We would, without doubt, recommend Nick Kleinschmidt for this role.  


Brian and Eve Chapin, Parents 


“I liked that he actually helped you learn and didn’t just give you the answers.  He was very nice and funny.”


Benjamin Chapin, Age 10


“Nick was very friendly.  He helped me learn a lot of things I didn’t know.  After he helped me study for tests, I would always get A’s on them.  I could tell he wanted to help.”

Andrew Chapin, Age 12





"Nick has tutored both my middle schooler and high schooler for the past 3 years. He has helped them in everything from math and science to Spanish! Not only did their grades improve, but they developed better study skills as well. My son commented that Nick was a better teacher than his math teacher!  I can't say enough positive things about Nick, and I would highly recommend him."

Greta A., Parent





We had Nick tutor all three of our children for a little over three years - our two older children who were in middle school and our youngest in grade school. Nick made an immediate, natural connection with all three of them. He differentiated beautifully to their different learning styles and was able to teach all subjects including math, science, and reading at all levels. He worked with our children once or twice a week on homework and helped them prepare for quizzes and tests in math, science, language arts, and social studies. Nick is extremely patient and was able to help our more struggling child with getting work done correctly, organizing his writing and materials, and Nick even helped him with his Spanish. Yes! Nick knows Spanish! He is very knowledgeable with just about every subject. Nick was very helpful and able to help our daughter understand her advanced algebra and geometry, while knowing a variety of material instantly and effortlessly.  Not only was Nick effective, he was able to get my children to become independent at figuring out their school work. My children had better grades when we had Nick. Sadly he moved, otherwise we would still have him. We haven't found anyone else like him. Nick is one of the nicest persons we have ever met, and he was a fantastic role model to our children. 


Koula Frangiadakis, Parent





A big thank you goes out to Nick for helping my daughter overcome specific weaknesses that were holding her back from being the confident student she wanted to be. Ava was a freshman and was struggling terribly when my neighbor introduced us to Nick. From the very first visit, we felt the relief of his presence, alleviating so much stress that could come when a parent is trying to help a frustrated child. I greatly appreciated Nick's patience with Ava and his ability to keep her focused and motivated. Nick and Ava mostly worked on Math, but Nick was open to doing whatever helped her become confident and re-interested in school, which was awesome to see! A real standout moment for me as a parent was when Nick offered to be the liaison in place of me at Ava’s quarterly staffing meeting at her high school. The tools Nick provided Ava in the couple years they worked together have made her a much stronger student. I'm happy to report that Ava's ACT score was much higher than anticipated, and she is college bound! Working with Nick made her such a better student, and all-around person.

Thank you Nick! 

Jennifer Pretto, Parent

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