What is a Learning Coach?

Are you a student, or do you know of one, who may not find school so easy? Do homework, quizzes, and tests seem nearly impossible to prioritize and approach with confidence? School is difficult, and navigating through all subjects does come naturally to all students. The solution is around the corner and is possible through contracting a Learning Coach at Core Tutoring!

What does it mean to have a
Learning Coach?

A Learning Coach is not only there to help a student master content in a particular subject or assist in succeeding in standardized tests. A Learning Coach is there to help students get through all classes so they may feel confident taking on the challenges of school. Students with a Learning Coach will receive: strategies and guidance in time management; strategies for note-taking and study skills; and organizational skills for classes, personal materials, and extra-curricular activities.


If you have any questions about whether or not a Learning Coach is right for you, please call or email Core Tutoring today!